Decoding Neanderthals and other Mysteries

If you are interested in our Human origins, I highly recommend the Nova (PBS) documentary on Decoding Neanderthals which is viewable on their website. This program shows how DNA and meticulous research is changing our views on man’s early origins.

In our own DNA news we have some new mysteries that may get solved soon. Most are due back on around Valentine’s Day which is in essence that 2 YEAR Anniversary of the WHEATON SURNAME DNA PROJECT.

One result that has come in that has all of us scratching our heads is Adam’s GENO 2.0. His results made no sense as it placed him in a completely different Haplogroup and with none of the known mutations he must have. We believe this is due to a lab mixup of some sort, perhaps a swapped sample or rotated plate (reading results backwards?) The lab is investigating and he seems to be one of a small group of individuals where something went amiss. These results are important in comparing with Jerry’s WTY and Terry’s GENO. I hope to have a better look at Rodger’s Geno 2.0 when I get back from vacation.

Other big results coming are

  • Charles from Australia who has a solid paper trail back to Exeter in the 1500’s…no telling which cluster he will match.
  • Jerry’s expansion of markers from 67 to 111
  • Paul Ritchie Wheaton from Nova Scotia, CA who tracks back to Robert’s son Ephraim
  • Tests for newly lay discovered SNP L1358 from Jerry’s Walk Through the Y ¬†Testing are Michael F. Who is GD -4 from Jerry; Don HOWELL GD -5 from Jerry and Hal EATON who is over -30 GD from Jerry. This should give us a good idea of how widespread this SNP is.
  • Also on its way to lab is a our new member Robert Norris Wheadon from Newfoundland, CA

Stay tuned.

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