Need Your Help in 2013

Here is a list of project needs and how you might help out in the coming year. You can help in many ways.

  • Research and  locate descendants for testing as listed below
  • Make a financial Contribution to the project here. You can do this by Paypal or credit card for any amount including $5 and up.
  • Spread the word

I could not pass up a bargain so I bought 2-37 marker tests to have on hand. In the past I have purchased 12 marker kits on sale but these were not available this time and the cost of a 12 marker regularly is $99 so for the extra $20 plus shipping we get something very useful. There are two circumstances in which they will be used. One if the test subject is willing to make a contribution to the project covering part or all of the sale price ($123 vs regular price of $149+ $4 postage) Or the person is unable to afford the test and is critical to our understanding. In general this would be folks in England as opposed to those in the US, Canada or Australia. It is an expensive hobby and I cannot afford to subsidize all who would like to test.

Needed for Y-DNA testing (those in Bold we have no results)

  • Wheatons from Devonshire, England
  • Whettons or Wettons from Staffordshire, England
  • Weetons of Lancashire, England
  • Wheedons of Norfolk, England
  • Wheatons and Wheadons of Australia
  • Descendants of all of Robert Wheaton’s sons especially Samuel & Obadiah originally from Massachusetts
  • Descendants of Thomas Wheadon, especially Thomas’ son John originally from Connecticut
  • Descendants of Christopher Wheaton of Hull, Massachusetts
  • Wheatons and Wheadons of Newfoundland, Canada
  • Wheatons and Wheadons of New Brunswick, Canada

Needed funds for

  • Subsidizing SNP testing for Haplogroups ($29 each)
  • Extending markers particularly for those with low marker numbers

I am hopeful that this year we can connect those of Canada to their rightful families. And ever hopeful that we can resolve the mystery of Robert Wheaton’s precise origins and perhaps in the process answer some Mallenby, Howell, Hancock and Raines mysteries.


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