Robert Wheaton Descendants and a tidbit for New Brunswick: Book Reccomendation

I had previously shared with you that the following was due to be published in June.

Baptists in Early North America—Swansea, Massachusetts Volume 1

Series edited by: William H. Brackney   With: Charles H. Hartman
Product Code: H871
ISBN: 9780881464399
476 pages
Binding Information: Hardback

Available from Amazon  for $51.00

I received my copy two days ago and  I love it. It is absolutely essential for anyone descended from Robert’s son Ephraim. This book contains the transcription of all of his parish notes for the 16 years he was their minister. As well as those of John Myles and others. It’s insight into the life and times of our Rehoboth and Swansea ancestors is magnificent. Many folks like Ephraim lived in Rehoboth or Seekonk but worshiped not far away in Swansea. But that is not all there is detailed coverage of John Myles in Wales and with part of his flock in Barnstaple, DEVON! Some of the same places we see in WHEATON Group B crop up here and there which only strengthens my belief that there was a connection that predates the Baptist formation at Ilston.

On the New Brunswick front on page lxxxv

Nathan Mason (1726-1804) who with Charles Seamans, journeyed to New Brunswick where, at the settlement called Sackville in the region of Trantramar, and commenced the first congregation in what is now Canada in 1763.”

I hope that it is becoming clearer why I have spent so much time following the Baptists as they are the likely catalyst for many of the movements of Group B Wheatons from one place to another. We know for a fact that Robert’s son Samuel had 3 sons and upon his death his wife Elizabeth WOOD married his cousin Samuel BOWEN and they with two of the sons followed the Rev. Timothy Brooks to Hopewell township, New Jersey where the Cohansey Baptist Church was formed.

So although the above book is an ecclesiastical history it is also a day to day insight into the lives of the Early Baptists of Rehoboth and their interconnected web with Baptists in Ireland, England, Wales Canada and across the colonies. Many Rehoboth families are listed. I am happy to do look ups to let you know if your folks are mentioned.

As a side note I was quite surprised to be mentioned in the footnotes 3 times from my “Conjectures on the Origins of the Wheatons and the Bowens of Rehoboth and Their Likely Baptist Roots.”


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