Is it a Bird is it a Plane?


What is it? Well it is a Fluxus Network showing the relationship between Wheaton Group B members at 111 markers. This or the one below do not show the markers that have multiple values as they are fast mutating. The black numbers refer to Kit numbers. So there are 5 kits at 67 markers with essentially the same value

Wheaton_Group_B_67 - 2013-07-15 at 16-29-52This is the same group at 67 markers. The big Yellow Circle includes: Glenn 78935, David J 200230, Jerry  204842, & Larry Wheaton  200373 and Dan HANCOCK 2333832. It also shows that Adam 233653 is closer to the big circle than Don HOWELL 131313 or Larry RAINES 141309 but are all on the same branch. Thomas MALLENBY N101982 is close to the center as well. Interestingly these are the two Welsh ancestral lines. Outliers are my hubby Michael 199087, Paul Ritchie 261919. But if you look at the first 111 marker Network you can see the effect of more markers on the relationship. This moves Thomas MALLENBY to an outlier along with Michael and to a lesser extent Dan HANCOCK.

Okay I really am a geek!



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