Happy Birthday to Jerry our oldest member 92 on September 12th


Looks like we have some longevity genes working in our favor! Happy Birthday to Jerry a wonderful and active member of our group!

And we have reached our 2 1/2 year birthday for the Wheaton DNA Project with 46 members. We still have two Free DNA kits available for new members with Wheaton surname of recent British origin OR proven descendents surnamed Wheaton of John 2  Wheadon, Obadiah 2 Wheaton or Chistopher 1 Wheaton of Hull, MA.

SALEM, MA Disappointment

After waiting three months for requested copies of the original Robert Wheaton records in Salem I received transcriptions of transcriptions. I had sent transcriptions that I had an very explicit instructions but apparently the clerks in Salem can’t read! Anyone living near Salem wanting an assignment, please contact me.


No new results are pending for the first time since we started.


There is a fairly new player in the DNA market called Britains DNA. They are offering the most extensive YDNA test (15,000 Y markers) in the business except for the complete Y. http://www.britainsdna.com/products/complete

The most cost effective is the Chromo2 RAW DNA which is $199– There is no guarantee it would turn up anything new….but hope springs eternal. I am waiting for the first results of others to post before considering it.

The complete Y-DNA which is over $1,200 is in beta testing and there are FOUR R-L2 (Like our GROUP B) kits included with results expected at the end of the month. If these should yield any new SNPs those are ones we should test as well.  I was actually considering ordering a test for my husband from Britains DNA in hopes  of finding a new downstream SNP of L2. I have asked around and people are saying it is the best Y value out there. I will wait to see what existing kits in the pipeline turn up.

There have been a few developments in the last week and its hard to anticipate what impact they will have on Y Testing. One, Thomas Krahn who did the Walk Through the Y has parted ways with FTDNA. Two, the National Genographic Project has announced they are going to migrate to a new testing platform with new primers and the slightly less recent roll out of the Chromo2 DNA test. The prices are beginning to drop and hopefully the competition is good. Not sure what will prove to be most useful. We really are citizen scientists in these endeavors. Once the dust settles I will make recommendations for those wanting to test further. The future that Robert Casey predicted is just about here. See http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/R_L21/HowTo/YSNPs_Deep_Ancestry_Future_Trends.html
There are now 14 Lessons in my Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy. Three of the lessons are specific to Y-DNA.
Hope you are all well and Happy Birthday, Jerry!

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