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We have gained three new members in the past week! Welcome to the group.

Regarding Group B Relationships

My current analysis places the likely origin of the WHEATON group B DNA signature in Glamorgan or Monmouth Wales or North Devon or Somerset, England. I suspect that the gene flow followed the trading patterns across the Bristol Channel between these locales in the 16th and 17th centuries. The following families share an unusual L2 Haplotype which in some cases is only -3 GD (genetic distance) at 111 markers. The next closest is perhaps -22 at 67 and so this cluster  probably broke off from the main group about 2,000 years ago from any other L2 in any database.

WHEATON: Allegedly came from England (or less likely Wales) c. 1636 to Salem, MA Married a BOWEN allegedly from Glamorgan, Wales There were several births/deaths recorded in 1601-2 in Flemingston, Glamorgan, Wales for WHEATONS.

HOWELL(s): Traced back from Southern US to Newport, Monmouth, Wales and from there to Neath, Glamorgan, Wales late 1700’s. A branch of this HOWELL family migrated from Newport to Stockton, Durham Co, England Joh

MALLENBY: Lived in Stockton, Durham Co and Northumberland, England. Lived in Stockton at same time as HOWELL and Raine. Ran a boarding house and both HOWELL and MALLENBY worked in Ironworks/ ship building. There was a John Raine living in the boarding house during one census.

RAINES: Lived in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales same time as HOWELL and later found in Stockton, Durham, England same time frame same occupation as HOWELL and MALLENBY.

HANCOCK: Late immigrant to US via Canada. Originally from So. Molton, Devon. I have traced from So. Molton to Dolton, Devon in 1700’s. However the immigrant traveled widely and married a HOWELLS from Newport, Monmouth, Wales.

The MRCA of the WHEATON, HANCOCK,  HOWELL, MALLENBY, RAINES is either a Englishman from one of the port communities along North Devon or North Somerset coastline OR a Welshman from one of the same along the south coastline of Wales. Interestingly Aberthaw, Glamoran  is right across the Bristol Channel at perhaps its closest point with Minehead in North Somerset (Adjacent Devon).

I am pretty confident that at least to the 1600’s this is the right spot. And if I look at the closest match to the Wheaton Group B cluster is a Griffith WILLIAMS. I do not have to look very hard to place a ton of Griffith WILLIAMS in Glamorgan (a bit like John Smith). There is one buried in Swansea, Glamorgan 11 Jan 1730. And an earlier one buried in Llandeilo, Talybont (near Swansea) in 1671. I would guess the Moses Wright (another distant match in L2) would similarly tie in to Wales so I am leaning in that direction. I still cannot prove where Robert Wheaton came from. I do have a Robert Weadon who marries in 1599 in Stogursey, Somerset. He is another possibility for Robert’s father but as always remains speculative. I have updated the location to Minehead for Robert’s origins as the approximate average of his origins, however it might be anywhere along the north coastline of Devon, Somerset or South Glamorgan. I can definitely find nothing that would pull him as far south as Exeter as I had originally expected.

In my survey of parishes I find Wheatons and Hancocks in the port parishes of Ilfracombe, Georgeham and Berrynarbor in the 1500’s Wheatons (various spellings in Minehead, Dunster and Stogursey.
Other L2’s of interest are:
Ernest E Evans b abt 1890, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
John Upton b 1620,? Devon, England, d1699 MA,America

So here we are back in Devon and Glamorgan again!

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